Posted by: MTR | January 17, 2010

James Madison’s Bible notes

Madison was in the habit of making notes in his personal Bible, wrote this in Acts, Chapter 19:

“Believers who are in a state of grace, have need of the Word of God for their edification and building up therefore implies a possibility of falling. v. 32.

“Grace, it is the free gift of God. Luke. 12. 32-v.32.

“Giver more blessed than the receiver. v. 35.

“To neglect the means for our own preservation is to tempt God: and to trust to them is to neglect Him. v. 3 & Ch. 27. v. 31.

“Humility, the better any man is, the lower thoughts he has of himself. v. 19.

“Ministers to take heed to themselves & their flock. v. 28.

“The Apostles did greater miracles than Christ, in the matter, not manner, of them. v. 11.”


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